myDartfish Smart Cloud and Dartfish Enterprise channels are separate but complementary services of the video analysis platform.

Put simply, you could say that myDartfish is for individual use, offering:

  • Online storage and synchronization across all your Dartfish Express equipped devices
  • A simple sharing mechanism, simply by distributing links which act as keys to otherwise private content Channels are intended for the diverse video sharing needs of organisations:

  • Multiple collection types
    You have full control over who sees their content. They can be public; content can be discovered by anyone, this creates the possibilities of opening up your content to a wider audience. They can be limited; allowing access without sign in to private content. They can be private; access to content is account and password protected. It is even possible to add pay-to-view services to collections to make your channel earn for you.
  • Multiple contributors and administrators
    More than one person can upload content. 
  • Subscriptions let you control what your audience can do with the content they find: view, upload, edit, download.
    With a subscription, automated notifications about additions and changes to the content are sent.
    Your subscribers can explore your channel by simply browsing rather than using links that you send.
    Your members list makes it easy to share new content with others and it is equally easy to prevent access by deleting subscriptions.
  • Personalize your channel
    Add background images, create hotspot links to other websites, or embed content in your own website's pages.
  • Enhanced channel navigation - push content to your audience; provide 'free samples' create channel menus