If your annual payment doesn't happen because of an expired card or because you have switched off autorenew in your account settings, you will no longer be able to access your videos and any links you have shared will no longer work. Your content isn't immediately deleted though. If you renew your subscription, you will find everything as you left it. You are advised by email when content will be removed permanently.

What happens to your Dartfish.tv account

Even without any of the features of a myDartfish plan, you will retain your account on dartfish.tv. You can continue to use the same sign-in and will be able to access subscriptions and favorites etc. You can go to your account settings page at any time to renew your subscription to myDartfish.

Dartfish Express & myDartfish Express apps

Remember that your Smart Cloud content is also found in the library of Dartfish Express. If you want to continue to use it, be sure to make anything you want to use available offline before your subscription expires. You'll keep the collections in which they are contained but will only be able to add new content to the local collection.

myDartfish Express will no longer work because you must have a myDartfish subscription to use it. You may buy Dartfish Express to get video analysis without access to the cloud.

Dartfish Note App

You can continue to use Dartfish Note to tag games and upload them to your organisation's dartfish.tv channel, if you have been given upload rights to a collection. You won't be able to import Notebooks into Dartfish software or export CSV files.