At the end of the trial period or at the start of each billing period, your credit card is charged if you have not disabled autorenew in your account settings. When you register you are advised of the billing date and it is also displayed in your account settings. You are also advised that you can end the subscription at any time but continue to use it until the start of the next billing period. Occasionally this information is overlooked and this article sets out what to expect if you wish to request a refund.

Dartfish refund policy

First you must understand that, under the commercial terms which you agreed to, Dartfish is not obligated to give refunds (Dartfish Services Agreement, section 9g ‘Refund policy’). Refunds are exceptional and we take into consideration factors such as your reason for the request and how much time has elapsed since the billing date.

Refund charges

Refunds are issued with a deduction to cover credit card charges and the time required for a support agent to assess the validity of the claim and make a manual refund. At time of writing the charge is 30 units of the purchase currency but consult the commercial terms for the latest information.

To request a refund

Contact Dartfish Support by raising a ticket