We have seen how easy it is to create a collection and share it but a fast-track solution for sharing content with individuals is to give those member(s) a personal collection.

This is quicker because the settings are defined in advance and because many members can simultaneously given a personal collection.

Create a personal collection

Click the members name to give them a personal collection. Or select multiple members to create personal collections for all of them.

Personal collection settings

By default creating a personal collection shares an individual link offering the member upload, download and edit rights to the collection. You can change these defaults in the settings section.

Personal collection settings are applied as the personal collection is created. To change access rights afterwards you must re-share the collection with the member.

Your questions answered

How is a personal collection different to any other collection?

There is no difference. Adding a personal collection is simply a shortcut to giving individual members access to their own private collection.

Isn't it just as quick to create a collection and then share it?

To create a collection and share it is almost as quick. However, because you can define personal collection settings in advance, it is always going to be quicker to add a member then create a personal collection. It is much,much quicker to create a personal collection for many members as this is the only way to create collections in bulk.