How keywords are used to locate video

Making content discoverable is one of the most important jobs for the administrator/moderator.'s primary tool for this is the keyword, as explained in the following video.

Creating keywords on your channel

Keywords are created on your channel using the Content Manager as shown here:

Keyword management

Keywords can be added as part of the upload process from Dartfish Champions Software but Admins can also add keywords and correct keyword mistakes in the Content Manager.

How contributors can add keywords

The following video shows how keywords can be created on a channel by Dartfish Champions software during upload

Your questions answered

So only administrators can create new keywords?

No, when videos are uploaded by contributors they choose which keywords assigned from their library will be included on the channel.

This gives contributors a responsibility to ensure that the keywords that they select for inclusion on the channel are relevant to other users and that similar keywords are spelled consistently. It is useful to know that Dartfish software allows you to export a keyword set that can be imported into the libraries of all those who upload.