Channels and Smart clouds both use the video analysis web platform to share videos and analysis. Indeed, looking at the end result on either is very similar - a Still Shot analysis or tagged game or highlights movie is going to look the same whether you are looking at it on a channel or on your myDartfish Smart Cloud. The differences lie in the other features for managing content and access.

Smart Clouds are for individuals

A Smart Cloud comes as part of a myDartfish plan. Not only do apps like myDartfish Express and myDartfish 360 use it to share analysis but they synchronise with the Smart Cloud so that the video library of an app on one device are the same as that on another. In comparison with a channel:

  • Smart Clouds are for individual use - only one person can upload and a limited number of devices can be used to upload.
  • Smart clouds are kept simple - they have one access type called limited access. Limited access means that the content can be seen by anyone who has the link - no account or password required and the content is otherwise hidden. Simple.
  • You need to distribute the links to content (by email, SMS etc) and you also need to break the links to remove access.
  • Management and organisation of content is also kept simple

Channels are for organisations

  • Channels allow multiple people to upload content. The channel admin allocates rights including who can publish and who can edit and who can only view.
  • Channels have many access types: Private, public, limited (like Smart Cloud access), even pay-to-view.
  • Channels allow subscriptions. Subscribers don't need a link to gain access and they are notified of changes to content.
  • Channels have sophisticated ways of organizing content to make it discoverable by audiences.

That's not all

It is hard to make a direct comparison because channels and Smart Clouds really have altogether different purposes. Consider these:

A channel is a collaborative platform

  • Multi-disciplinary teams collaborate to achieve a goal. For example, Notebooks uploaded by coaches are processed and assembled into highlights movies by analysts
  • Distribute tagging panels, library keywords and even myDartfish licences
  • Distribute content directly to Dartfish's analysis tools. Subscribed content is automatically included in the Dartfish Express, Branded App and myDartfish 360 libraries
  • Integrate video and data into other platforms such as websites or other analysis tools

A Smart Cloud is a personal online space to

  • Use a video library across multiple devices - your phone, tablet or PC
  • Back-up work
  • Choose what is available online and offline

These lists are far from comprehensive and even the broad definitions "Smart Clouds are for individuals" and "Channels are for organisations" don't always apply. If you would like to speak to someone about the best solution for you, contact us.