Cleansettings.exe is a utility used to return all Dartfish settings to defaults. This includes software settings and Windows Registry entries.

No content or content metadata (such as keywords) are deleted.

  • Use CleanSettings 2024.exe if your software is Dartfish 2024
  • Use CleanSettings 2022.exe if your software is Dartfish 2022
  • Use CleanSettings10.exe if your software is Dartfish 10

If you have  v10 Update 16, or higher you have the possibility to export your personal settings beforehand: User Settings - export and import the users's preferences 

  • Save the user's settings (such as the layout of workspaces, the destination folders of export functions, the language and theme of the software and more) to easily retrieve them on other devices or after software re-installations
  • The feature is available under Tools > Import and Export Settings
  • This does not include the applications's keyboard shortcuts

Download the utility below, close Dartfish, launch CleanSettings, select "Clean All" > Close.