In many ways, IP cameras are ideally suited to many video analysis applications. They are designed to be left in situ and switched on 24/7. As they are connected via a network, anyone on the network can access the camera, including multiple simultaneous users. Also because of that network connection, the number of cameras which can be accessed is not limited - your facility can have 100 cameras, all of which you might connect to via your Dartfish equipped device.

MyDartfish Express can capture video from an IP camera via a WiFi to the camera or the network to which the camera is connected.

These are the requirements to use this solution:

  • Subscription to one of these myDartfish plans: myDartfish Mobile Plus, myDartfish Live, myDartfish Pro, myDartfishLive S, myDartfish Pro S or myDartfish Teampro Data
  • iOS device (feature not available on Android version)
  • An IP camera tested and supported by Dartfish. The list of those devices is available here
  • Wireless access to the camera on the same network and subnet as the myDartfish Express device