Of all the Dartfish features, creating a tagging panel is perhaps the one which is trickiest to understand. It really isn't that difficult! You simply add a button, tell it which keyword to record and define which column (category) of the events list it will appear in. Simple!

Tagging - Complete userguide


The next video offers a simple methodology for laying out your tagging panel in terms of buttons in category groupings. It also explains how to develop a  clear picture of what you want to tag. This isn't the only way to layout a tagging panel and it may have limitations, but it is a good starting point!

Your questions answered

Can I put my keyword buttons next to the corresponding event buttons?

Tagging panels in Dartfish are very flexible and allow you to create a layout which best suits your tagging flow. Although the method shown here organizes buttons into group boxes by category (to make it easier to correctly categorize buttons), there is no reason why you can't mix up buttons from different categories in a group box. Remember to ensure that each button has its category property set individually.

What does the zone tool do?

For a full description of all the tools available to you, please see the Tagging chapter in the online help (Help menu > Contents...)