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Version History

Dartfish 10 Release 21 - 13.12.2021

Dartfish 10 Release 20 - 29.09.2021

Dartfish 10 Release 19 - 21.04.2021

Dartfish 10 Release 18 - 17.02.2021

Dartfish 10 Release 17 - 28.10.2020

Dartfish 10 Release 16 - 18.05.2020

Dartfish 10 Release 15 - 04.03.2020

Dartfish 10 Release 14 - 23.01.2020

Dartfish 10 Release 12 - 25.11.2019

Dartfish 10 Release 11 - 14.08.2019

Dartfish 10 Release 10 - 05.04.2019

Dartfish 10 Release 9 - 15.02.2019

Dartfish 10 release 8 - 12.12.2018

Dartfish 10 release 7 - 14.11.2018

Dartfish 10 release 6 - 10.10.2018

Dartfish 10 release 5 - 16.07.2018

Dartfish 10 release 4 - 07.05.2018

Dartfish 10 release 3 - 28.02.2018

Dartfish 10 release 2 – 06.02.2018

Dartfish 10 release 1 – 19.12.2017

Starting from March 2022, updates are released in the Dartfish 2022 software. See the release notes here

Dartfish 10 Release 21 - 13.12.2021

Print Montage

  • Save your montage as a pdf file
  • The printed montage includes thumbnails, titles and descriptions of each montage item and Still Shot
  • Create your own Print Theme to customize the printed version and adjust the layout and content to what meet best your needs
  • Learn more on the dedicated tutorial

Automation rules for event

  • Automatically process your events to export them or add them to a montage
  • Events are processed based on rules
  • Automatic Rules are based on the events' keywords, title, description or color
  • Manual rules are applied to the current selection of events
  • Run this while tagging in Live or Replay
  • Learn more on the dedicated tutorial

Multi-view improvements (Pro S only)

  • Publish multi-view videos on
    • In the event pane, Export&Share > Share Video > will create a multi-view documents on the channel
    • The multi-view option ned to be enabled on the channel
    • The other publishing possibilities still upload single view videos
  • Create a multi-view document in Replay
    • Expand the title bar to add view(s) to a single video to create a multi-view document in Replay
    • Set a synchronization point to the videos to synchronize them
    • Live capture is not the only way to create multi-view files anymore

Various improvements and bug fixes

  • Automatically synchornize data from csv files with video time at import
  • Customize the sample duration and/or frequency to other values than 0.01s/100Hz
  • Fixed crash when exporting montages locally as multiple videos
  • Fixed UI bug when hovering the mouse on the Zone Tool in the tagging panel
  • Events received through DLC sessions receive the correct color

Dartfish 10 Release 20 - 29.09.2021

Make Movie

  • Create a linear .mp4 movie with your montage
  • Still Shots are saved in the movie
  • Add title slides, transitions
  • Use the descriptions and keywords from your montage items in the title slides
  • Design your custom theme
  • Learn more on the dedicated tutorial

Publish game highlights on Telegram (Pro S only)

  • Publish events in one click on the Telegram instant messenging software
  • Share highlights with a broader audience
  • Use the Make Movie themes to add engaging overlays

Montage & missing video links

  • Improved experience when opening a montage with missing video links
  • You can now open montages even if some of the videos are missing


  • Visual feedback when tagging (enable the advanced option "Show notifications over the video")
  • Thickness of the angle drawing tool can be modified
  • Increased maximum width of a StroMotion panorama

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue when editing in and out points of events in Replay workspace
  • Fixed an issue when publishing rotated videos
  • "Export as new montage" also keeps the video drawings

Dartfish 10 Release 19 - 21.04.2021

Voice Note

  • Add an audio commentary to a stillshot in the montage
  • Share your analysis on a more engaging way than a wall of text
  • Voice notes can be played on and on Dartfish Express (iOS only)

Import External data streams (Pro S only)

  • Improved process to import csv files
  • More formatting options of the built-in graph
    • Auto-scaling of y-axis
    • Display of data unit
  • Data stream on video
    • Display the serie name and unit name in one click
    • Define the decimal places

Dartfish 10 Release 18 - 17.02.2021

Stillshot improvements

  • Import stillshots from an existing video:
    • Analyze a movement with a set of well-defined stillshots
    • Use this template for all your future analysis of that movement
  • Move stillshots to different frames of a video

Properties window

  • Add or edit titles, description and keywords to your videos
  • In Live, prepare the keywords and categories for your next recording
  • The description field includes a spellchecker. RIght-click on the underlined words to apply the correct spelling
  • This window doesn't block the software interface. Open it next to the software and continue your work
  • Click on the pencil icon next to the name of the video or event (or press on F12) to open the Properties window

Montage preview in Replay workspace

  • Watch a preview of your montage from the Replay workspace
  • Click on the Montage tab and then play your montage items without having to change the workspace
  • Drawings, comparison slides and 3D analysis slides can't be previewed

Keyword publishing options on

  • The keyword publishing window has been redesigned to offer a better keyword management to the channel administrators
  • It is not possible anymore to add a keyword without a category
  • The option "Restrict to channel keywords" allows to publish only keywords for which a category already exist on the channel

Dartfish 10 Release 17 - 28.10.2020


  • Use overlays on your videos in Live, Replay and Edit
  • Display meaningful information on top of your videso and always keep in mind the context of each clip
  • Encrust the overlay on the videos
  • Export your video in the background to encrust the game time on all the video
  • Discover more about overlays:

Football game time

  • Discover a game time adapted to Football
  • The game time now takes into account the two 45-minutes periods and the extra time
  • Display the game time on your video by using the dedicated overlay

Keyword pane improvements

  • Filter easily your events by selecting the keywords
  • Select multiple keywords from one or several categories
  • See at any time which keywords are filtered on the header of the event pane

Streamlined process to download tagging panels from channels

  • The tagging panel you have access to are automatically listed when clicking on Panel>New... in the tagging panel pane
  • The channel roles Panel Provider and/or Note Taker are required

Various modifications

  • The zoom is available for multi-view documents in the grid view mode
  • You can change the size of the video thumbnails in the tray by right-clicking on them
  • The duration of the montage is displayed at the top and at the bottom
  • A grid can be displayed on top the the recorded video in Live
  • In the montage, the videos fit to the screen by default, so that all the parts of the videos are visible
  • Attachments to videos published on are limited to 8 Mb

Bug fix

  • During a recording the  live video is played smoothly
  • Stepping backwards during a live recording displays all the frames
  • Changing the audio source of the AVerMedia LGP 2 Plus doesn't crash the software 

Dartfish 10 Release 16 - 18.05.2020

Time-shift in multi-camera recording (Pro S only)

  • The time-shift is enabled by default in the grid view during multi-camera recordings

Record audio with IP cameras

  • Record the audio from your IP cameras
  • AAC, G711 and G726 formats are supported

Synchronization of video streams for multi-camera recordings (Pro S only)

  • The automatic synchronization of multiple video streams has been improved
  • Fine-tune manually the synchronization by defining the exact synchronization offset of each camera (i.e. the time required so send the video from the camera to Dartfish)

Simplification of IP cameras management

  • The IP Camera options have been simplified by merging together the RTSP and ONVIF plugin
  • Search on the local network to find ONVIF compatible cameras or enter manually the address for standard RTSP streams
  • On the Source page, the cameras are marked as RTSP or ONVIF

Import of videos

  • Import videos from your computer, your myDartfish Smart Cloud or a channel from all the workspaces. Access the import wizard from the Import menu in the menu bar
  • Switch between the Thumbnails and Details view to find the videos

Save and import your preferences and application settings

  • Save the user's settings (such as the layout of workspaces, the destination folders of export functions, the language and theme of the software and more) to easily retrieve them on other devices or after software re-installations
  • The feature is available under Tools > Import and Export Settings. Find the tutorial here
  • This does not include the applications' keyboard shortcuts

Dartfish 10 Release 15 - 04.03.2020

Live capture improvements

  • Rotate the video source from 90°/180°/270°
  • Define a recording duration

Reliability of Live capture with AVerMedia LGP, LGP2Plus and webcams

  • Smooth video playback in preview and live
  • On-the fly conversion to H264 for uncompressed sources
  • Record audio (webcams and LGP 2 Plus)

Local export of all the Montage items as separate elements

  • Export in one click all the elements of your montage on your local drive
  • Save each video as a clip and each still shot as a picture
  • Use parts of your Dartfish analysis in other software

Creation of dartclip when importing videos from

  • When importing videos from, the .dartclip is generated during the process to include all the events and keywords available on
  • Events can be downloaded even if the .dartclip had not been published with the video
  • If the events have been edited online (using the Content Manager, myDartfish 360 S or myDartfish Express), the modifications are also imported

Bug fixing

  • Playback of .MTS videos at slow/fast speed works again
  • Hidden tabs are correctly hidden on the tagging panel
  • PTZ controls are available for ONVIF IP cameras

Dartfish 10 Release 14 - 23.01.2020

Live Collaboration (Pro S only)

  • Technology on the Bench: provide in live a tagged video stream with complete time-shift functions to the assistant coach on the bench
  • Collaborative tagging: allow several users to tag a game and have all the tags automatically synchronized between all devices in real time

Reliability of Live capture with Blackmagic H264 pro Recorder

  • Smooth video playback in preview and live during a recording
  • Fast responsiveness in case of stream or device disconnection 
  • No loss of video if the Blackmagic fails or is disconnected during recording

New custom zones in the Zone Tool

  • New shapes are available when creating zones in the Zone Tool  of your tagging panel
  • Use rectangles, circles or define your own custom shapes to align your zones to your field

End of support for Windows 7 and Windows 8

  • Following Microsoft's end of support for older Windows versions, Dartfish software will only be tested and validated on Windows 10
  • More information here
  • Check the System Requirements for Dartfish 10

Dartfish 10 Release 12 - 25.11.2019

Patch released on the fix the following issues

  • Improved stability when recording SDI streams with Blackmagic box
  • Fixed software freeze when randomly reordering montages items in Edit workspace

Patch released on the 05.11 to fix the following issues

  • Corruption of Montage when saving through Open Montage > Save Montage
  • Wrong FPS when converting interlaced mp4 videos. The converted video could not be opened in external media players

Patch released on the 28.10 to fix the following regressions

  • Right-click on an event in the event pane to edit it
  • Change in and out points of multi-views documents
  • 3D drawings lost when saving the montage
  • Magnifier missing in Present mode

Manage better your Montage

  • Select multiple montage items
  • Drag&Drop them to reorganize your Montage
  • Publish only a selection of your Montage
  • Add your events to multiple montages in one click

Convert your recordings in a different format during the capture

  • Save time and computer storage by recording video files directly to a optimized video profile
  • Save a converted video along the original one (only for single camera recording), or convert directly the original video stream (available in multi-cameras recording).

New playback mode Play Once to End of File

  • Use the new playback mode Play Once to End of File for a better tagging experience
  • This mode allows you to continue playing the video after the end of the event. You can then adjust the endpoint of the event or the video more easily
  • Press on Shift + Space when the playhead reaches the end of the event, or select the playback mode

Dartfish 10 Release 11 - 14.08.2019

This release implements some very important changes to the software and may impact the processes you are confortable with.


Multi-cameras capture (Pro S only)

Improved reliability of live capture

  • The recording continues if one camera is lost (multi-camera recording)
  • The recording stops automatically and save the video and tags if the camera is lost (single camera recording)

RTSP support

  • The RTSP streaming protocol is now supported
  • Any camera or video stream using this protocol is compatible with Dartfish software
  • Use the Blankom SDE-265 to record SDI streams

StroMotion and SimulCam modules (Pro S only)

  • The emblematic SimulCam and StroMotion are available in Dartfish Pro S
  • Use 4K videos thanks to the 64-bit software

Game time overlay

  • Display the Game time on your video in Live or Replay
  • Control better the Game Time in Replay for a more precise tagging
  • Read the tutorial

Better performance of CPU decoding

  • Improved video playback on Mac computers using Bootcamp

Dartfish 10 Release 10 - 05.04.2019

Patch released on the 29th of April for a licensing bug fix

New licensing for device licenses

  • This updates introduces the new licensing for device licenses
  • Once installed on a PC, device licenses do not require a sign in to be used
  • Device licenses are managed from a account. 

Bug fixes

  • Zoom works correctly in Live workspace
  • Crash when adding a picture to a Montage

Dartfish 10 Release 9 - 15.02.2019

Present mode

More details on the dedicated tutorial

  • Present simply: presentation mode is the best way to show off your analyses in a simple way. Use drawing tools to enhance the presentation, without editing your original montage.
  • Add voice-over narration: record your analyses and add voice-over narration to provide your team and athletes with personalized feedback.
  • Share on a secondary monitor: share presentations on a secondary monitor or project them onto a larger screen (Right-click on the full screen button).

Bug Fixes

  • Crash when navigating through montage items in fullscreen
  • Montage publishing error when adding the description as an overlay on the video
  • Wrong synchronization of video and notebook if an event is set as a synchronization point
  • Publishing of large tagged files without audio

Dartfish 10 release 8 - 12.12.2018

Manage Teams & Players easily 

More details on the dedicated tutorial

  • Create a database of teams and players available for your tagging panel.
  • Quickly add new players by importing them from a CSV file

Arbitrary panel layout with the canvas and grid tools

Users need more flexibility to lay out the buttons in a tagging panel. v10 now offers two new tools:

  • Grid: a grid with a number of cells to host the buttons in an orderly manner.


  • Canvas: a fine grid where the buttons can be laid out freely (similar to myDartfish Note panel).

Import montage

You want to re-use a previous game analysis or combine the analyses of your co-workers into a single montage. You can now do it by importing a montage to your current analysis:

  • Use videos of your previous montages in your new analysis
  • Work in parallel with other analysts and merge your montages to create a final single video

Bug Fixes

  • Software won’t crash when using the fast forward function in the Edit and Library workspaces with .mts video files.
  • Keywords correctly assigned to all events when using the persistent keyword and text box tools.
  • File of events extracted to the PC are now correctly named with all selected keyword categories.

Dartfish 10 release 7 - 14.11.2018


  • Improved performance of video playback in Edit workspace. Videos with high bitrates play more smoothly
  • Drawing templates: save the drawings that you have applied to one video and replicate them onto other videos by exporting and importing drawing templates.

  • The layout of the Options window has been re-designed vertically

3D Analysis

  • Performance improvement for 3D analysis with a large number of 3D items
  • Speed can be displayed in km/h and mph
  • Extract precise measurements and data from your 3D analysis (position, speed, acceleration, distance and more). You can now save those data and export them on a .csv file


  • Reset with just one click the persistent keyword buttons activated in a player group box.

  • All the events will be numbered by default (event1, event2, event3, etc...). There still is an option to keep the first event without numbering under Tools > Options > Advanced > Tagging.
  • Improved stability of the tagging panel
  • The markers in the zone tool are more visible. 
  • Define more precisely the zones in the Zone Tool by unticking the box “snap to grid”. The zones are not aligned to a grid anymore and the maximum number of zones has been increased from 64 to 1024
  • Easier management of the event pane:
    • During your post game analysis, view all the events corresponding to the time of the playhead by clicking on the new filter “Display current events”
    • Filter your events by color
    • Deleting an event by pressing on SHIFT and clicking on the bin icon allows to bypass the confirmation pop-up

Dartfish 10 release 6 - 10.10.2018

Bug fixing:

  • Users with a myDartfish license are not logged out anymore after a crash

  • Users with a myDartfish license are not logged out anymore during a publishing or a notebook import
  • Optimization of 3D Analysis tools

  • In Replay, the events displayed in the events pane are refreshed accordingly to the videos in the tray

  • Improvement of save process for the stillshot drawings
  • Optimization of graphic hardware acceleration

  • The "Fast forward" and "Rewind hotkeys are fixed in Edit workspace

  • The montage publishing dropping to 0 is fixed for the .mp4 videos

  • When opening a .storyboard file and its corresponding videos, linking one video will link all the montage items included in this video

Dartfish 10 release 5 - 16.07.2018

3D analysis

The new 3D analysis feature is available! Enrich your game and practice footages with real drawings and precise measurements. Draw animated shapes and arrows, track  trajectories, calculate player speed and distance and much more with the Dartfish 3D analysis .

2D drawings

Discover the improved and enhanced 2D drawings. More drawing tools and features combined with up to 6 customizable presets will allow you to be more efficient in your analysis while increasing your options.

Bug fixing

  • Crash when editing tagging panel
  • Various improvements to reliability

Dartfish 10 release 4 - 07.05.2018

Multi-value Keyword Categories

Hold down the CTRL key while tagging or cataloging files in the library to add several keywords to the same category . This will make it possible, for example, to add all the players featured in an event or clip to a single keyword category.

Background clip creation

You can now carry on working as events are rendered as new video clips. As this feature is available to both the Live and Replay workspaces, clips can now be produced even as you continue live tagging.

Export and import of tagging panels

Although it has always been easy to distribute tagging panels, simply by sharing the file. The software now catches up with the Dartfish Note app by enabling access to panels from Now you can be sure that your team always have access to the latest version of your tagging panel and you can back up your own panels on your myDartfish Smart Cloud.

PTZ Optics

Dartfish 10 is now compatible with the IP cameras from PTZ Optics. A list of the models tested and supported by Dartfish can be found in the support document IP cameras and Dartfish

AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus

The V10 is now compatible with the latest device of AVerMedia.

Improved UI

Panels can be collapsed and expanded without having to first unlock the workspace and autohide them. We think you'll like the more dynamic ways of making best use of your screen space. There is also a new dark theme that can be selected in the Options.$

Dartfish 10 release 3 - 28.02.2018

Side by side comparison is back and better than before: Support for 4K videos and enhanced with new features which make it easier and quicker to match up the moments you want to compare.

Dual jog-wheel synchronization

Dartfish software has always had the most efficient method of matching the relevant moments in each comparison video but we know that not everyone intuitively grasped the concept of offsetting timelines against each other. That has changed. We’ve borrowed the dual jog wheel interface from Dartfish Express but kept the possibility of scrubbing quickly though longer videos. With the best of both you’ll find the right moment quickly and precisely.

Fine-tune position

When the exact frame is important or subtle adjustments are required; for example when the pro tennis player moves that bit faster than the guy you are coaching, there are some new ways to nudge the synchronization frame-by-frame. Try these shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + Left/Right to move both videos frame by frame
  • Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right to move both videos in jumps (number of frames defined in Options)
  • Shift + Left/Right to move the selected video frame by frame (fine tune synchronization)
  • Shift + Mouse Scroll to move the video the mouse is pointing at frame by frame

Graduated time scale

With the above in mind, the time scale now gives more information about position in the video.

Comparison-specific tool bar

When you have a comparison, the new toolbar lets you choose whether it is one video or both that you see. Plus, how they are arranged, zoomed and aligned.

Comparison-specific still shots

When a still shot is added to a comparison it is now saved with the montage and no longer added to the individual videos. In earlier versions, this could result in redundant still shots (key positions) with no relevance outside of the comparison. Comparison-specific still shots also make it possible to compare the same videos at a different synchronization point and insert new still shots specific to this comparison.

Dartfish 10 release 2 – 06.02.2018

Live edits to event timings

Time Shifted Recording lets you watch tagged events, even while recording continues. You can make performance improvement decisions based on this, or make adjustments to events. The new feature extends this to manipulating the start and finish of the event by setting a new in point and out point on the timeline. This is perhaps the most efficient, and certainly the most precise way of getting the event to include exactly the video you need.

Video clip names

When you need events to be turned into video clips, you can simply share them to your computer. The ‘Name’ property shown in the events list provides a default name but a new feature over-rides this with a potentially more descriptive name based on event keywords and data. A name like ‘Goal – Pele – 50:03’ becomes possible.

Keyword upload

The sharing process now includes optional inclusion of keywords from your library, making your software the first step in ensuring that content is well organized online. channel admins too can specify keywords which they want included during uploads.

Silent installation

Installing Dartfish from the Windows command prompt makes it quicker to distribute around large organizations with multiple users. Silent installation is suitable for both perpetual and myDartfish installations. See the support FAQ for perpetual license holders or myDartfish licence holders.

Dartfish 10 release 1 – 19.12.2017

Records live stream from the Blackmagic Pro Recorder and AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable

Dahua IP cameras now supported

Pause at Still Shot working correctly

Pause at Still Shot and Auto Play Events settings no longer reset to defaults when leaving Edit workspace.

Other bug fixes and performance improvements