• iOS version of the mobile app Dartfish Express or myDartfish Express
  • myDartfish license 360 or above
  • The NAS must activate the Webdav protocol (instructions for Synology NAS)
  • Video files on the NAS must be H.264/MPEG-4


  • Launch the app and go to Menu > My Videos
  • Click on "+"
  • Select "NAS storage"

  • No NAS is displayed. You need to enter it manually. To do so, click on "Other

  • Enter the NAS adress. If it requires a password, tick the box and enter the credentials. You can also assign a label to the NAS. Then, click on "Add"

  • Your NAS appears now. Click on it to open it. Click on the information icon to modify its properties
  • Navigate in your NAS and select the videos you want to import in the application. Then, click on "Download". Only folders and .mp4 video files are displayed in the application. If you have other files on your NAS, they won't appear.