Branded apps are a special version of the myDartfish Express mobile app with a special design branded to the customer's corporate identity. Branded apps are directly linked to channels and the content of the channel is accessible based on the access rights of the users.

The real strength of the branded app is its ability to include the keyword navigation menus defined in the channels linked with the app. The action of a keyword menu is the same as any other keyword; it filters for a corresponding set of content. However, keyword menus can be multilevel; further filters can be applied to the results of the first filter.

The keyword navigation menus are displayed at the opening of the channel in the app

Branded app navigation menus

Keyword navigation menus in a Branded app
  • Start the keyword navigation by opening a menu. The first keyword category is displayed and videos are clustered by their keywords
First level of keyword navigation menu: the videos are sorted based on their kewords of the keyword category "Ski-club"

  • Click on one of the keywords to access to the list of filtered videos. If there are more levels on the keyword navigation menu, the next keyword category will be displayed
  • When the keyword of the last level is selected, a list of videos is displayed
  • If the last keyword category is an event keyword category and not a video keyword category, a list of events is displayed
List of filtered events at the end of the navigation menu
  • Those events can belong to the same or to several videos.
  • Clicking on an event opens a playlist with all the events
Playlist of events created by a keyword navigation menu