Dartfish software Pro S offers the possibility to record up to 4 cameras in a single recording. The resulting file created is a Dartfish Document and the tagging, the metadata and the synchronization between the different views are persisted after the capture is stopped. When a Dartfish document is opened in Dartfish, the 4 video views are loaded automatically.

You will find herebelow a list of the limitations of the current implementation of the Dartfish Document:


  • The multi-views document is a Pro S feature. A multi-view document can be opened in the Live S but only the view A will be displayed
  • In the library, only the view A is displayed


  • Recording a multi-view document requires similar video sources (e.g. 2 blackmagic devices, 4 IP cameras with the same video profiles). Mixing recording devices and different frame rates may lead to issues such as bad synchronization and freezes
  • The live encoding, (i.e. the possibility to convert a video file during the capture) is not yet available in multi-views recordings

Converting, Publishing & Sharing

  • Publishing a multi-view document on dartfish.tv is not yet supported by every publishing process
    • In the event pane in Replay, "Export & Share > Share video" publishes the video as a mult-views document. To watch the 4 views on dartfish.tv, the multi-view option is required
    • All other publishing paths uploads only one view: the active view in the software, or the view A in case the grid view is selected before starting the publishing
  • Publishing a mutli-views document from the tray uploads the 4 view as 4 separated videos.
  • The "Export Events" function creates one video clip per view and per event
  • The "conversion from library" function is disabled for multiview documents
  • OnAir supports multi-views document