If you want to use an external control device, you can find here the configuration of the Shuttle Pro v2 and Shuttle Xpress produced by Contour Design Inc. Those configurations work with the default keyboard shortcuts of Dartfish 2022. If you have customized the shortcuts and changed the ones related to the commands used by the external control devices, the settings won't work.

Shuttle Pro V2 controlsShuttle Xpress controls


  1. Download the settings of the remote control available at the bottom of this article.
    1. Use the file dartfish10-ShuttleProV2.pref with the Shuttle Pro V2 and the file dartfish10-ShuttleXpress.pref with the Shuttle Xpress
  2. Connect the device to the computer
  3. Download the ContourShuttleDeviceConfiguration.exe and run it
  4. Open the tab that corresponds to your device (ShuttlePRO v2 orShuttleXpress
  5. Click on Options > Import settings and browse for the settings file downloaded in step 1
  6. Select the Dartfish settings in Application settings and click on Options > Change target application
  7. Browse for the Dartfish 10 application on your drive (it should be in C:\Program Files\Dartfish\Dartfish 10) and click on Open

 You are now ready to use your external control device

Warning: if the buttons of the Shuttle remote do not work after the configuration, restart your computer and try again