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Print a montage

Create your own Print Theme to customize the format of the printed montage

Customize the content of the title field

A Montage can be printed as a .pdf file and/or on an actual sheet of paper. This may be useful if you are interested in archiving a physical copy of your analysis or hand it over to an athlete or a patient. Video thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and stillshot drawings are saved in the printed version of the montage.

  • Once your montage is done in the Edit workspace, click on Print above the video player
  • The Print module opens and displays a preview of the montage.
    • It shows a thumbnail for each montage item and each stillshot, with their corresponding title and description next to them
    •  There are some basic formatting options on the right to change the number of thumbnails per line (by default 1), set the orientation and adjust the margins.
  • Select the printer and click on Print.
    • If a physical printer is selected, the document will be printed
    • If Microsoft Print to PDF is selected, the document will be saved as a .pdf file

Create your own Print Theme to customize the format of the printed montage

The formatting of the printed version of the montage is defined by a Print Theme. The Print Theme includes all the settings such as the font, font size, header, footer and other layout options. The first time the Print module is opened, a Dartfish Print Theme is applied.

To change the formatting options and create your own Print Theme, click on Theme > Customize Theme

  • On the right column, all the sections of the montage that can be printed are listed (Montage, Event and Stillshot)
  • In the middle, you will see all the settings of the selected Montage Section that you can customize
  • On the left, you can preview the montage with your custom settings

Click on the eye icon to enable a section 

Select the layout of that section (Text only, thumbnail+text, etc...)

Choose the settings for each section of your item.

Each modification of the theme can be previewed on the video player on the left to facilitate the edition and give immediate visual feedback.

The customized tracks are applied on all the montage items of the same type, i.e. all Event Thumbnails will have the same layout.

When the theme is ready, click on "Close" on the top right to go back to the Present workspace. Save the theme by clicking on Theme > Save Current Theme. The theme will be saved on your local drive as a .dftheme file

Themes can be shared between computers and between users by simply sending the .dftheme file by email or exchanging it over a USB key. All the medias used in the themes (e.g. logos) are included in that file.

Customize the content of the title field

The title fields of the sections let you use easily the title and description of the montage items in the printed montage. It is also possible to customize and automate even more the content of the title fields and use only specific keywords, index of the item in the montage, the publish date of the movie and much more

When defining the content of a title field, select Edit

In the new window, it is possible to finetune the information included in the title field with macros. Click on the buttons on the right to add the macro to the title. It is possible to mix plain text with macros.