InTheAction - Session Mode

InTheAction - Manual Mode

InTheAction Settings


InTheAction is a mode of the Dartfish Live experience that streamlines the use of video during trainings or exercices where getting instant video feedback is key. This mode is available in the licenses myDartfish Live, Pro and Pro S. It offers several advantages to the user:

  • One touch recording and replay
  • Remote control of capture and replay
  • Use of pre-roll settings to allow capture even after the action has begun or even completed
  • Simultaneous capture from up to 4 devices (myDartfish Pro and Pro S license required

There are three modes to use InTheAction:

  • Session mode - The complete session is saved as one video at the end of the recording
  • Event mode - During the session, every tagged event is automatically exported as a separate clip and saved. The complete session is discarded once the session is stopped
  • Manual mode - During the session only tagged events manually exported are saved. The remaining events and the complete session are discarded once the session is stopped

Each mode has its advantages. For instance, the Event mode minimizes the storage on the PC by only saving some parts of the whole session. On the other hand, keeping the whole session allows to create new events, or to extend the duration of the tagged events.

InTheAction - Session Mode

InTheAction - Manual Mode

InTheAction Settings

Several settings of the InTheAction module can be customized to ensure the a streamlined workflow. Those settings are listed in the InTheAction Settings pane. You will find detailed explanations about the different settings here below

The settings can be saved as an In-The-Action project. This allows to have several configurations of the InTheAction workspace with different tagging button names, duration, scenarios, etc... You can then switch from one configuration to anotther easily, without having to reconfigure one by one all the different settings.


  • Session file name: the name of the recorded session and the corresponding mp4 file. By default the name is the one entered in the title bar. Click on the drop-down menu to also add the time and date of the recording.
  • In the below example, setting Session file name to "$(SessionName) - $(Date) - $(Time)" will result in the name "Athetics training session - 04.03.2024 - 13-55(1)"

  • Event file name: the name of the .mp4 file of the event saved locally. The logic is the same than for Session file name. In Session mode, this only applies if the clip is exported
  • Event category: The category of the event tagged. The keyword of that category is the name of the tagging buttin (see below setting Panel button in section Events)


  • Pre-roll: the duration included in the event before the button is clicked. This applies to all the event buttons
  • Duration: the duration of the event. This applies to all the event buttons
  • Panel buttons: toggle the switch to show/hide the buttons on the InTheAction panel. Up to 4 event buttons can be enabled and renamed

Replay Scenarios

A replay scenario is a set of playback actions that will happen once an event is created. Those allow to automatically play that event in loop, in slow-motion, go back to Live and even show a reference clip that would serve as comparison (see the References section below.

To enable the replay scenario, toggle the Auto-replay setting and select the scenario in the Scenario drop-down menu. You can create custom scenarios:

  • Click on "..." > New Scenario
  •  Set a name and click on OK

  • Add new steps to the scenario by clicking on "..." > Add Scenario Step
  • For each step, define the action that the software will perform, and if available the playback speed
    • The actions Live, Live Delay and Blank can only be assigned to the last step of the scenario

  • In the above example, a new event will be replayed once at half speed, and then the software will switch back to Live


A reference is a video that is deemed good enough to serve as a benchmark when practicing technical moves. It can be a clip of the world's best athlete performing that move, as well as the athlete in training's best performance from the previous session. The purpose of a references is to help the athlete visualize the move he is practicing

In InTheAction, you can set a video clip as reference and then replay it in one click, or integrate it in a Replay scenario to have it automatically replayed after the athlete's move (see Replay scenario section). A reference can be a video clip, or an event from a video

To set a clip as reference:

  • Open the item you want to set as reference in the player
    • If it is a video clip, drag&drop it into the tray
    • If it is an event from a session, double-click on the event in the Events pane
  • Click on Set Reference

  • To replay that reference, click on Play Reference

You can set more than one reference. Open the drop-down menu next to Set Reference to see them. Click on a reference to set it as the active reference.