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Dartfish 2022 Update 1 - 18.05.2022

Dartfish 2022 - 15.03.2022

Dartfish 2022 Update 1 - 18.05.2022

Tagging Panel protection

  • Share the tagging panel on in a non-editable way
    • If a panel shared on is protected, it can not be edited anymore, nor opened in the tagging panel editor.
    • Its associated player database can still be edited
  • Ensure that the taggers of the organization use the right tagging panel
  • Protect your Intellectual Property by keeping the mechanisms of the panel secret

Warning: a protected panel can not be edited anymore. Do not use this feature to back up your panels as you won't be able to modify them.

Other improvements

  • Option added "Prevent keyword editing in event list" in Tools > Options > Advanced in order to prevent the manual modification of keywords in the event pane
  • Sections can be collapsed in the Get Online Panel process
  • Add Windows emojis in videos title, descriptions and keywords by pressing "Windows Key"+"."
  • More frame rate options added when recording videos with webcams (note: the webcam needs to support the format)

Various bug fixes

  • Fixed separator when renaming events exported in local
  • Layout improved in the Automation Rule Manager 
  • Bug fixed when editing and saving a rule in the Automation Rule Manager
  • Use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+1/2/3... to navigate between workspaces
  • Missing labels in tagging panels when downloading panels from from a software with a different language
  • Fixed unwanted fullscreen mode
  • Added back timeline in Simulcam
  • Zoom in tagging panel

Dartfish 2022 - 15.03.2022


  • Live capture module stream-lined for instant video feedback and training environments
  • Capture events in one click
  • Replay in loop to give video-based feedback to athletes
  • More information on the dedicated tutorial

Data streams synchronization with QR Code

  • Improve the accuracy of the data stream synchronization using a QR Code
  • Automatically merge together video clips from the same run or training session to create a complete montage
  • More information on the dedicated tutorial

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Customized keyboard shortcuts will be persisted from this version onwards

Remote control

  • Xbox bluetooth remote control standard. Use an Xbox compatible remote to control Dartfish software
  • Streamzap is supported again

See the Dartfish 10 release notes here