Organisations can share panel templates with their members using their channel. This provides an easy way to share efficiently a tagging panel across all the members of a team or organization, and make sure they use the same panels. Ultimately, it helps having a homogeneous tagging process so that videos are tagged consistently

Those with Panel Provider rights publish panels from the Dartfish software and the channel’s members will find these  in their own software if they have been given Note Taker rights.

Uploading a tagging panel on your channel

  • Ask your channel admin to grant you the Panel provider role
  • Go to the Replay or Live workspace and open your tagging panel
  • Select Panel > Upload panel

  • Select the channel and add a name and description to your panel, then click on Next
  • A panel can be protected at upload. A panel can not be edited anymore once it has been protected and uploaded on 
    • Enable this option if you want to ensure that your note-takers all use the exact same panel, or if you want to protect your intellectual property as a panel creator and want to keep the architecture of the panel to yourself.
    • The player database of a protected tagging panel can always be edited

Warning: do not use the Protection feature to back up your panels. A protected panel can not be edited anymore by anyone. If you download a protected panel from, even if you are the creator of this panel, you won't be able to edit it

Downloading a tagging panel from your channel

  • Ask your channel admin to grant you the Note-taker role
  • Go to the Replay or Live workspace
  • Click on Panel > Get online panels

  • Expand the channel section and click on a panel to open it. Hover the mouse over a panel to see its description

If a panel is not protected, you can save a copy of it by opening the tagging panel editor

  • Click on Edit Panel > File > Save as...