The support of .wmv and .avi videos will stop in Dartfish 2024, the next version of Dartfish software released in September 2023. Those formats are slowly becoming obsolete and aren't used anymore in the video analysis industry nowadays. To continue using your old .avi and .wmv videos in the future, you will need to convert them. Please read this article to discover how to achieve the conversion while keeping all Dartfish-related datas such as label, description, events and keywords

Use Dartfish 2022 to convert videos to H264 MPEG-4 (.mp4) in the tray

Montage - Edit .storyboard to replace .avi videos

Use Dartfish 2022 to convert videos to H264 MPEG-4 (.mp4) in the tray

Videos converted in the tray will keep all metadatas added in Dartfish (e.g.: video name, description and keywords, tagging data, in and out points, etc...)

  • Launch Dartfish 2022 (version 11.2.1103 or earlier)
  • Put all the avi and wmv videos that need to be converted in the tray
  • Select all the video by pressing on Ctrl+A
  • Click on the Export&Share icon in the tray

  • Click on "Convert Video Format"

  • Select a destination folder and then click on "Next"
  • Don't select any "Presentation Theme"
  • Set "Conversion Profile" to "MP4/H.264 HD" and click on "Publish"

Your videos are now converted and can be used in Dartfish 2024

Montage - Edit .storyboard to replace .avi and .wmv videos

This is an advanced manipulation that may cause loss of data if not performed properly. It is your responsibility to backup your system before proceeding. Dartfish does not offer support if a .storyboard has been corrupted due to wrong manipulations

If you have a montage (.storyboard file) that contains .avi videos, the procedure requires a bit more advanced modifications. You will first have to convert the .avi or .wmv video to .mp4 as described in the previous section. However, this will not be enough. The .storyboard points specifically to the .avi video. Therefore, the .storyboard file will need to be manually edited to point to the converted video. Here is how to do it for an avi video. For wmv, follow the same procedure but replace "avi" by "wmv":

  • Once the video is converted to .mp4, place the video and its .dartclip in the same folder than the original .avi video
  • Find the .storyboard file of the montage
  • Right-click on the .storyboard file and select Open > Open with > Notepad

  • In the notepad, find all references to the original .avi file path and replace it by the converted .mp4 video. 
    • The easiest way to achieve this is to press Ctrl+F, and then replace ".avi" by ".mp4"

  • Save and close the notepad. 
  • The storyboard has now been edited and points to the converted video. It can be used in Dartfish 2024. Drawings and stillshots of the montage are saved