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Installers of previous versions

Release 8 - 12.12.2018

Release 7 - 14.11.2018

Release 6 - 10.10.2018

Release 5 - 16.07.2018

Release 4 - 07.05.2018

Release 3 - 28.02.2018

Release 2 - 06.02.2018

Release 1 - 19.12.2017

Release 0 - 26.10.2017

Dartfish 10 release 8 - 12.12.2018

Manage Teams & Players easily (more details on the dedicated tutorial)

  • Create a database of teams and players available for your tagging panel.
  • Quickly add new players by importing them from a CSV file

Arbitrary panel layout with the canvas and grid tools

Users need more flexibility to lay out the buttons in a tagging panel. v10 now offers two new tools:

  • Grid: a grid with a number of cells to host the buttons in an orderly manner.


  • Canvas: a fine grid where the buttons can be laid out freely (similar to myDartfish Note panel).

Import montage

You want to re-use a previous game analysis or combine the analyses of your co-workers into a single montage. You can now do it by importing a montage to your current analysis:

  • Use videos of your previous montages in your new analysis
  • Work in parallel with other analysts and merge your montages to create a final single video

Bug Fixes

  • Software won’t crash when using the fast forward function in the Edit and Library workspaces with .mts video files.
  • Keywords correctly assigned to all events when using the persistent keyword and text box tools.
  • File of events extracted to the PC are now correctly named with all selected keyword categories.

Dartfish 10 release 7 - 14.11.2018


  • Improved performance of video playback in Edit workspace. Videos with high bitrates play more smoothly
  • Drawing templates: save the drawings that you have applied to one video and replicate them onto other videos by exporting and importing drawing templates.

  • The layout of the Options window has been re-designed vertically

3D Analysis

  • Performance improvement for 3D analysis with a large number of 3D items
  • Speed can be displayed in km/h and mph
  • Extract precise measurements and data from your 3D analysis (position, speed, acceleration, distance and more). You can now save those data and export them on a .csv file


  • Reset with just one click the persistent keyword buttons activated in a player group box.

  • All the events will be numbered by default (event1, event2, event3, etc...). There still is an option to keep the first event without numbering under Tools > Options > Advanced > Tagging.
  • Improved stability of the tagging panel
  • The markers in the zone tool are more visible. 
  • Define more precisely the zones in the Zone Tool by unticking the box “snap to grid”. The zones are not aligned to a grid anymore and the maximum number of zones has been increased from 64 to 1024

  • Easier management of the event pane:
    • During your post game analysis, view all the events corresponding to the time of the playhead by clicking on the new filter “Display current events”
    • Filter your events by color
    • Deleting an event by pressing on SHIFT and clicking on the bin icon allows to bypass the confirmation pop-up

Dartfish 10 release 6 - 10.10.2018

Bug fixing:

  • Users with a myDartfish license are not logged out anymore after a crash

  • Users with a myDartfish license are not logged out anymore during a publishing or a notebook import
  • Optimization of 3D Analysis tools

  • In Replay, the events displayed in the events pane are refreshed accordingly to the videos in the tray

  • Improvement of save process for the stillshot drawings
  • Optimization of graphic hardware acceleration

  • The "Fast forward" and "Rewind hotkeys are fixed in Edit workspace

  • The montage publishing dropping to 0 is fixed for the .mp4 videos

  • When opening a .storyboard file and its corresponding videos, linking one video will link all the montage items included in this video

Dartfish 10 release 5 - 16.07.2018

3D analysis

The new 3D analysis feature is available! Enrich your game and practice footages with real drawings and precise measurements. Draw animated shapes and arrows, track  trajectories, calculate player speed and distance and much more with the Dartfish 3D analysis .