Dartfish TV Release Notes

October 2018

Smart Playlists

Smart Playlists allow to review events of multiple games in a row (ex. all shots of Player A in 5 different  games). Benefits :

  • Smart Playlists are automatically incremented when new videos are uploaded 

  • Entire games can be uploaded once and then a dedicated playlist shared with each player

Smart Playlists can be created by using the events filters (on desktops)

or accessed via navigation (when defined by the channel admin)


Dartfish.tv API has been extended to support Smart Playlist. Smart Links are able to open and play events list directly in the Player. More info on https://api.dartfish.tv/.

Playback on mobile phones

  • Mobile phones can now play video in slow motion. The video speed can be set to 1/2 and 1/4 of the original speed.

Playback on iPhone

  • Inline playback is supported on recent iPhones (video does no go in fullscreen automatically any more)

  • Option “pause at still shot” added on iPhone

  • Can swipe between key positions on iPhone

Hub Admin tools

  • Can easily switch between channel to admin in the hub list

  • Search members in all channels belonging to the hub

  • Can find members with myDartfish license in all channels belonging to the hub

  • Customized banners have been fixed to improve the branding of the hub


  • It is possible to sort the video library from oldest to newest
  • The sign in message sent when distributing licenses or granting roles has been improved
  • Google+ sharing has been removed due to the termination of Google+
  • A link to the previous versions of the Dartfish 10 software has been added to the "My Applications" page
  • Dartfish.tv accounts that have an active subscription puchased via the App Store can't be deleted
  • Light redesign of channel template

September 2018

  • Added “Last modified” sorting order in video library

  • Content notifications via email have been improved:
    • Hourly frequency replaces Immediate frequency.
      This allows you to group messages in case of intensive publications. 

    • Daily notifications delivery time depends now on the user country
      and are typically sent at the end of the afternoon

    • Notifications are grouped per channel and the template is based on the channel branding.
      Users have the feeling to receive a message from your organisation rather than Dartfish.

    • Administrator can be notified when videos are deleted.

    • Email Notifications Settings has been updated in Account Settings 

July 2018

  • Thumbnail, title & description preview when sharing video on Facebook / Whatsapp / Skype.


  • New default colorized avatar


June 2018

  • Slow motion in web player: videos can be played at half of a quarter of the video speed. This feature is available on desktop & tablet devices.


May 2018

  • GDPR compliance
  • Assign myDartfish licences to multiple members simultaneously
  • Members can be assigned a role and myDartfish plan as they are created


  • A member's registration status is displayed when sharing - easier to see if someone is already active on your channel


  • API now provides methods to retrieve event data, including keywords, that can be used in REST API data connectors (Qlik/Tableau/etc)
  • Interactive PDFs - shared printed pdf contains direct links to video events
  • Software tagging panels can be exchanged via dartfish.tv

March 2018

  • Share the results of searches for events or videos (desktop) and videos (mobile)
  • Share via WhatsApp and SMS (mobile)
  • Share using your chosen email software
  • These new sharing options allow you to use your contacts, not only your channel’s members list

February 2018

  • Google Analytics integration for advanced channel use statistics
  • Extended API
  • Optional member creation by branded app
  • Improved password security

November 2017

  • The new role "viewer" has been added to the channel users


September 2017

  • Duplicate members between channels
  • Improved tech support
  • HTTPS added to full site
  • Multi channel administrators


July 2017

  • What you see is what you share’ now also applies to both Player and Videos pages


  • Beta launch of dartfish.tv API
  • Dartfish.tv channels no longer display Notebooks

June 2017

  • It is possible to share the organizer context


  • Customs stats per channel are availalbe in beta
  • Improved management of branded app with multi channels

May 2017

  • Filter events by keywords across multiple games
  • Improved performance of search engine
  • Possibility to upgrade and downgrade the myDartfish subscription online