Dartfish TV Release Notes

July 2018

  • Thumbnail, title & description preview when sharing video on Facebook / Whatsapp / Skype.


  • New default colorized avatar


June 2018

  • Slow motion in web player: videos can be played at half of a quarter of the video speed. This feature is available on desktop & tablet devices.


May 2018

  • GDPR compliance
  • Assign myDartfish licences to multiple members simultaneously
  • Members can be assigned a role and myDartfish plan as they are created


  • A member's registration status is displayed when sharing - easier to see if someone is already active on your channel


  • API now provides methods to retrieve event data, including keywords, that can be used in REST API data connectors (Qlik/Tableau/etc)
  • Interactive PDFs - shared printed pdf contains direct links to video events
  • Software tagging panels can be exchanged via dartfish.tv

March 2018

  • Share the results of searches for events or videos (desktop) and videos (mobile)
  • Share via WhatsApp and SMS (mobile)
  • Share using your chosen email software
  • These new sharing options allow you to use your contacts, not only your channel’s members list

February 2018

  • Google Analytics integration for advanced channel use statistics
  • Extended API
  • Optional member creation by branded app
  • Improved password security

November 2017

  • The new role "viewer" has been added to the channel users


September 2017

  • Duplicate members between channels
  • Improved tech support
  • HTTPS added to full site
  • Multi channel administrators


July 2017

  • What you see is what you share’ now also applies to both Player and Videos pages


  • Beta launch of dartfish.tv API
  • Dartfish.tv channels no longer display Notebooks

June 2017

  • It is possible to share the organizer context


  • Customs stats per channel are availalbe in beta
  • Improved management of branded app with multi channels

May 2017

  • Filter events by keywords across multiple games
  • Improved performance of search engine
  • Possibility to upgrade and downgrade the myDartfish subscription online