To be able to understand why you can't find the video you are looking for (and do something about it) depends on where you are looking...

I'm at but don't know where to start

It helps to understand what is - it's a website where an organisation can lease a channel where enriched video can be published. We call these channels. We also provide single-user myDartfish cloud services to users of our software and apps. So isn't like YouTube, it's more like many separate video sites combined into one and that's why simply going to doesn't help you find a specific video - you first need to find the does have a tool to search for channels but that only reveals those which have chosen to provide public content. If the content you are looking for is public, you can search for a channel, then explore that channel to find videos on it. If it isn't public, the channel's owner must give you a link to the channel or its content.

I've found the channel I want but I can't find the video

It sounds like you may not have access. The owner of each channel decides who gets to see what by setting up video collections. There are three types of collection:

  1. Public: Videos added to these collections is visible to all. No login is required so you'll see those videos, no problem.
  2. Limited: Again no login is required but you must have been given a link to either the collection or a video within it. No link = no access.
  3. Private: The only way to access a private collection is to accept an invitation emailed to you by the channel owner. You'll click the link on the email and sign-in to (create an account if necessary). Every time you sign-in you'll be able to see the latest content available to you, but if you never clicked the link on that email, you'll see nothing.

So the reasons for not being able to find your video are either you haven't been given access, or you didn't accept access when it was given to you. Either way, you'll want to contact the channel owner so that they can share that collection with you. You can find a contact link on the home page of the channel.

Other reasons why a video can't be found

  1. You aren't signed in
  2. You have signed in using Facebook but your Facebook account isn't linked to your account
  3. Your access has expired - channel admins can time limit access or manually remove it