Video format error messages may be displayed for several reasons; mainly connected with internet video and browser technologies. Here are the errors and possible solutions:

This video cannot be loaded. The HTML5 player does not support the video format (.wmv) chosen by the channel owner

Windows Media video cannot play in HTML5 based video players such as those found on smart phones and tablets. On computers, also now offers an HTML5 player.


  • Mobile device users can only contact the channel admin (via the link on the channel's home page) and request that the channel's videos be converted
  • Channel admins can contact support to arrange to have their channel's videos converted and their encoding profile updated

Background info: In January 2012 switched from encoding video using WMV to more widely compatible H.264 MPEG-4 encoding. At this time channel owners were offered the opportunity to change their encoding and convert existing videos. Most chose to do this but some didn't - usually because too many of their audience were still using the Windows XP operating system... or perhaps they simply didn't see the need.

This video could not be loaded. Your browser may not support the video format or there is a problem with your internet connection or our server.


  • Windows XP does not support H.264 MPEG-4 encoded video. As most video on is encoded as MPEG-4, your only solution is to update your computer. Sorry!
  • Update your browser to its latest version. 
  • Try a different browser. Opera does not support H.264 and so cannot be used. All browsers other that Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari are not tested by Dartfish.

This error is also displayed whenever there is any other problem loading the video, so if your internet connection is poor or disconnected you'll get the same message. The "video format" reason is simply the most common cause.


  • Check your internet connection. Even if it appears that you have one, you may want to try restarting your router. If the problem lies further upstream, you may simply have to wait a while before viewing the video.
  • If the error isn't explained by any of the above reasons, contact our support team using this link